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Class Room

Smart Interactive Class Rooms

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” ….. Benjamin Franklin

  • Each classroom houses a large area and is designed such that every student gets the teacher’s maximum individual attention.
  • There are many classrooms for regular teaching alone and a number of other rooms like Activity room and Language room.
  • Well-ventilated Air Conditioned Classrooms offer the right ambience for learning. The bulletin boards in the classroom make learning easier, colourful and interesting.
  • The strength of each class is kept at a manageable level and the comfortable furniture adds to the ambience of the classroom.
  • Lessons are visually taught to the students in their class rooms. It makes learning an enjoyable experience for students acquire more knowledge on their subject. Apart from the books that can learn day to day development in each field.
  • Technology Enhanced Classrooms (previously referred to as “smart” classrooms) designate those classrooms that have been augmented with a variety of technological tools that can enhance the learning environment. Most commonly, these classrooms will offer as enhancements: an Touch-Panel Control System (attached to the instructor’s desk); a PC; a Data Projector; a DVD/VHS combo unit; and an incorporated audio system. Many rooms that include the Mimio interactive tools also come equipped with an interactive whiteboard  powered by SmartLearning Pvt Ltd.